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“Quality Developmental and Independent Living Services for Children and Adults”


Adonna Wickliffe, the CEO and Executive Director of Milestones Services, has more than 18 years of management experience in hospital and corporate health care leadership. Her expertise is in health care and behavioral health strategy, business development and operations. She has an undergraduate degree in Health Care Administration from the University of Kentucky, and has a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Louisville and a Master’s in Health Care Administration from the University of Minnesota. Most importantly, she is the mother of Myles, her son with significant special needs and has more than fifteen years of direct experience as the caregiver of a child with special needs.

Adonna started Home Care for Kids, now Milestones Services, as a result of her own family’s experience of having a child with special needs. It was challenging to find companies that would provide respite and developmental services for children with special needs. Out of this unmet need for families across her community, Milestones services was born. A few years later, this unique niche for home and community-based developmental services for children was created.

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Milestones is the premier provider of high-quality, community-based services for children and adults with intellectual and developmental challenges.


The mission of Milestones, is to provide high quality developmental and independent living services to children and adults with developmental and intellectual challenges. We deliver on this promise of quality through our selection and retention practices, as well as through our intake and communication processes that focus on the individualized needs of the client and their family members and ensuring consistent communication with our clients and all members of their team.

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High Quality, Person Centered Services

Health, Safety and Respect for the Individual

Community-Oriented, Individualized Assistance

Living and Working in "Your" Community

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Quality Service Starts
with You!

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